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According to Youth Today's May 9, 2016 issue successful after-school “programs were the ones offering a lot of leadership opportunities,” said Little. Teenagers want autonomy and choice, she continued. Effective programs provided volunteer opportunities for the teens, or community service activities. Or they let teens design and lead activities. Many had youth councils. Sometimes youth had paid staff positions or could serve in other official roles."
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Are you creative? Do you enjoy working with children? Do you need Community Service hours, a Senior Project or just want to share a talent, skill or hobby with a small group of enthusiastic K - 5 students? The Extended Learning Program is starting a new Reading Buddy Program and is looking for motivated High School Students to volunteer an hour a week to read with our students using our new Kindles. If you would like to join our Reading Buddy Program or would like to assist with one of our other enrichment activities please use the below application to start your volunteer experience. You will be contacted via email to set up an interview to discuss your volunteer hours and customize your experience to fit your Community Service, Senior Project or volunteer hours.



In the article The Case for Early Intervention In Reading by Patricia Mathes, (2005) the importance of reading is highlighted, "Our students’ futures are all but determined by how well they learn to read. In a nation that offers few career opportunities to the illiterate, teaching children to read is the most important single task in public education." 

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The Middle School Volunteer Program is for all interested middle school students that would like to volunteer one or two afternoons a week (1 - 3 hours) to work with students in the Extended Learning After School Program at one of our three locations (Center School - Stow, Mary Rowlandson School - Lancaster, or Emerson School - Bolton). Volunteers will work with staff as part of our enrichment program to assist with club activities such as Scrabble, Reading, Chess, Lego, Newspaper, Dance, Art and our Scrapbook club. Volunteers are also welcome to introduce their own activities or club ideas. These volunteer hours can count toward High School Community Service hours! This program is not tuition based and transportation to and from the Extended Learning Program is the responsibility of the parent. Interested students in grades 6 - 8 should complete the below online registration form. Applicants will be contacted via email to set up a time for an interview with the Extended Learning District Coordinator to discuss his/her volunteer ideas and schedule.




Do you have a skill, hobby or talent your would like to share with a child or group of children? If you can spare an hour a week and would like to share your skill, hobby or talent we have a captive audience eager to learn. We are especially seeking Chess, Cribbage or Backgammon players, and Reader Buddies. Please consider volunteering and giving your gift of time to a child...

Use the below online application to submit your request to volunteer. Also as part of Nashoba's commitment to safety, volunteers and visitors are required to complete a CORI background check prior to visiting the school  Please print out, scan and return the  CORI Form.



Mathes, P. (2005, January 1). The Case for Early Intervention. Retrieved January 1, 2014, from