FSS Happenings

FSS Happenings

FSS Happenings, Monday, April 9, 2018


Dear Parents,


Please find the following message from our dedicated PAC followed by my weekly update.  


PAC’s Annual Carnation Sale

Staff Appreciation Week will be here before we know it. Nagging feeling you forgot something before April break????  It’s probably your carnation order for FSS staff members! All students should have been sent home with a flyer and 10 index cards.  If you have not received your index cards or in fact, need more , you may ask your homeroom teacher or grab from either main office. You may also use your own  standard 3 x 5 index cards.


What are the carnations for you ask?During Staff Appreciation week FSS staff members are thanked by their loving students. This is such an easy and fun way to show our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them! Staff members include; teachers, principals, secretaries, nurses, assistants, specialists, bus drivers, custodians, or cafeteria staff.

Please clearly mark the staff members name and the student gifting the carnation(s) on each card and decorate away! Carnations are $1 each and can be sent to any staff member at the school.  If you choose to send a staff member multiple carnations just mark the index card with the desired amount. (Example: Mr Bates X5) All cards and payments should be returned in a labeled envelope by 4/13 and dropped off in either main office. Cash or checks (made to FSS PAC with carnations in the memo line) are accepted.  Staff members love receiving these carnations to brighten up their classroom and their week, lets support our staff.

As always, we thank you for all your support.  Any questions please email Stacey Dupuis at scdupuis@gmail.com


Staff Appreciation Week May 7-11th.

Sign-ups for Staff Appreciation Week help will be posted at end of this week on Facebook and to our PAC email list. Anyone who is not currently on the PAC email list and wants to help should email Jocelyn Jastrab at jocelyn121@gmail.com


Next PAC Meeting

Tuesday April 10th at 9 am in the Sawyer Conference Room


Principal’s Message

Our MCAS Schedule for the week has students in grades 4 & 7 taking session 2 of the ELA test.  This Wednesday, grades 3 and 6 will finish session 2. On Thursday and Friday, students that missed a session will make it up on those days.  

Over the April break, the FSS office will be open from 8:00 to 2:00 on Tuesday through Friday.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to recognize students that received a Sawyer Star this month and our newest group of Golden Eagles.  I emphasized how proud I am of all of our students, recognized or not, for all of the things they do every day to add to the positive climate of our school.   

Grade 1: Brayden Maleski, Joshua Auger, Briana Downey, Mason Niccoli

Grade 2: Aiden Delaney, Marley Smith, Juliet Biagini, Chloe Neuschafer

Grade 3: Kaitlin Dowds, Tyler Niccoli, Matthew Cammilleri

Grade 4: Mac Polk, Chiana Bravo, Ryan Balewicz, Calleigh McCammon

Grade 5: Andrew Toth

Grade 6: Kylie Marshall

Grade 7: Mark Iyer

Grade 8: Morgan Holmes

I also used this opportunity to remind students of our Social Contract and the agreements that we live with and live by as a community.  With Spring around the corner (I hope) I felt the time was right to recalibrate around our core beliefs. The “norms” of the contract are, Be Safe, Be Honest, Be Respectful, Be a Role Model, and Do What is Right.  These norms were generated from the students and agreed to last year by the students and staff. I spoke about the importance of respect for each other and understanding and appreciating that nothing less than respect is expected.  I spoke about mistakes, including my own, and how hard it can be to own them but how important it is to take that first step to make a mistake right. I ended by saying that I know that they know the difference between right and wrong and that the vast majority of the time they choose the right course and for that I am grateful to be their principal. I told them that I know from countless interactions with them, with visitors, substitutes and people new to our community that this is a phenomenal school where individuals are respected and treated as they would want to be treated.  Of the many things of which I am proud about our school the tone that our students set and which is clearly reinforced and expected in your homes is among the greatest.

Yours in partnership,

Joel Bates,