FSS Happenings

FSS Happenings

I hope this finds you having enjoyed time with family and friends over the Winter break.  Last week, we settled back into our familiar and welcome routines of school.    Our basketball teams are doing very well this season. Home games begin after school with boys and girls teams alternating early or later games

Our School Council meets in our monthly meeting in the library, this Wednesday after school.  As always, the public is welcome to attend.

This Thursday, January 12, our NRSD SEPAC (Special Education Parents’ Advisory Council) will offer a workshop called, “Understanding Basic Rights in the Special Education Process.” This presentation will be held at NRHS in room 216 at 7:00 PM.

I have been told that through our Square One Art initiative, the Donations Committee raised $3015.98 on 153 orders.  Thank you for your participation in this fundraiser.  

From our Nurses: As with every school year, we have some reported cases of children with lice in our school. Lice is most common in preschool and elementary-aged children, and more commonly transmitted outside of school rather than in school, during close contact at playdates, and sleepovers.  This is why we typically see more cases in the months succeeding summer, and in the winter surrounding school vacations.   Some simple steps can be taken to prevent an infestation of lice, or to detect it early.

  • Encourage your child not to share hats and other head wear, brushes, or combs. "Air around the hair" is a phrase used to remind children to keep space between theirs and other children's heads during play and during rest.

  • Regular, daily observation and checks by parents at home during these higher-incidence months can also be an effective way to detect and quickly treat head lice infestations.

  • If your child does develop an infestation of lice, contact your child's primary care physician for a recommended treatment.  Normally treatments are over-the-counter.  You will need to notify your child's school nurse, who will check your child and clear him/her before re-entry into school.  This is important to prevent further spreading.

  • After treatment, it is advised to check your child daily and continue to remove any nits, and it is recommended that treatment be repeated after 7-10 days.  

The Nashoba Regional School District policy for lice, which can be found on the district health services page, follows the most current best practice recommendations from both the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).  For more information for parents about lice from both of these organizations, please click on the links below.AAP Parent Information about Lice
CDC Parent Information about Lice

The 8th grade class will again be sponsoring Family Trivia Night as one of their fundraisers.  I will be hosting the event  on Saturday, January 21st, beginning at 6:00 pm.   Tickets are $5 per person with a $20 family max. Pizza, snacks, and water will be sold. Ticket sales for this evening of fun, pizza, and a bit of friendly competition will be via a form on the virtual backpack or at the door.  Come and have a fun night out with the entire family!!!