FSS Happenings

FSS Happenings

Superintendent Clenchy has been working closely with Town Manager Lowe to keep apprised of developments and I now have an update on the construction in Bolton.   I’m happy to report that my understanding is that only one of the bus routes (bus 3) will be affected by the construction. I have notified families on bus 3 with additional information and the Temporary Bus Route During the Berlin Road Closure.  

The Nashoba Regional School District and Dee Bus have been adjusting routes and times and reposted any adjusted routes.  Please find the updated link for your review.  2017 FSS BUS ROUTES  As always, with buses in the first week, please advise your child to be early at the bus stop and expect that the bus may be early or late bringing students home at the end of the day.  Typically, it takes a week or so to get the routes adjusted within a matter of minutes.  

I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize Amy Cohen for all of her effort this summer in collecting, curating and capturing event dates to build our Year-At-A-Glance document.  You may recall this was a goal of ours and thanks to Amy’s hard work we now have a refrigerator-worthy tool for our parents.  We will continue to build on this process and will continue to build out our Google Doc Calendar.  You can also find the Year-At-A-Glance in our Virtual Backpack.  

Yesterday, we welcomed all of our teachers and staff members back to our campus!  Our day began with all schools gathering at Nashoba Regional with a unifying message from Superintendent Clenchy and an overview of our district goals, recognition of new staff and staff reaching career milestones.  We reviewed our approach to life threatening food allergies and recognized the hard work of our incredible custodial staff and the dedication they have shown to prepare our schools to welcome your children tomorrow, at 8:35AM.

Today, our elementary teachers worked together in district-wide literacy meetings, while our middle school teachers met with administration to clarify several areas that I will share with students tomorrow.  

Tomorrow morning, all students in grades 6-8 should go to their homeroom classes. All students, in grades 1 - 5, will gather with their teachers in front of the Sawyer and Emerson Wings and enter their classes together.  Middle school students (6-8) will receive and review their schedules in their homerooms.  Please note that during the first cycle, it is not uncommon for middle school student schedule times to change slightly if adjustments need to be made. Following the morning announcements, the Administrative team will have two assemblies, for grades 1-4 and for grades 5-8, to go over school expectations with students.