Mary Rowlandson School Extended Learning

2018 - 2019 ONLINE REGISTRATION (will be available May 1st)

Please take a moment to explore the many diverse enrichment opportunities that are available for the Extended Learning Program participants.These activities are organized by month and run in six, eight, or ten-week sessions. Please note that some of these activities require a registration and/or activity fee. You will be notified and billed via email once the activity is filled to its minimum requirement (the minimum will be listed for each activity as it varies). Once an activity is filled the activity will be CLOSED. Visit the activity calendar for a complete listing of events. 

In addition to the activities listed on our calendar, the dynamic Extended Learning Program staff also offer a variety of exciting daily activities that do not require registration. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions for an activity please email Laura Dwyer at ldwyer@nrsd or chat with your Site Coordinator. We are always looking for new ideas to share with our students. 

~JUNE 2018~ 

Community Symbol.png COMMUNITY GARDENING/COOKING SERIES OPEN! This series is designed to pair experienced gardeners and cooks with younger people and less experienced gardens. Gardeners will grow for themselves and for the Community. In addition, everyone learns and has lots of fun! Events include a cooking series, and a planting and growing series. We plan on some great Farm to Fork dinners too, and already have commitments for produce and some big-name chefs coming in, as well as yet to be discovered celebrity chefs. If you would like your child to participate please complete the below permission form and have your child return it to Ms. Rita. All are welcome! Kids and adults! Thanks to Harvard Community Health Foundation for their support. Please note all participants will be transported to the Lancaster Council On Aging via the Council On Aging's minivan and must be picked up at the Council On Aging at 5:30 pm. The Council On Aging's address is 39 Harvard Road, Lancaster, Ma. Their phone number is (978) 733 - 1249. This class will run the third Monday of each month. EXTENDED LEARNING PARTICIPANTS ONLY.
Grades: K - 5
Dates: 3/19, 4/23, 5/21
Day: Monday
Time: 3:30—5:30
Cost: Free
Limit: 10 Participants


Permission Form

QUICKSTART TENNIS QuickStart Tennis is a new format to help children 10 and under learn and play the game of tennis. To make it easier for them, a few things have changed.

- The court size.
- The racquet sizes. 
- The tennis balls. 
- The scoring system.
- The height of the nets. 

 The changes really work, because now any child between ages 5 and 10 can start playing tennis almost immediately - even if he or she has never picked up a racquet before. Just like other popular youth sports, QuickStart Tennis stresses the importance of actually playing the game of tennis and getting involved in a team competition. QuickStart Tennis is also now part of the USTA Jr. Team Tennis league and Clarke-Oconee Tennis Association (COTA) Junior Team Tennis. This means that even more children will have the opportunity to experience this new format, have fun playing with their friends and develop skills that will become the foundation of their game. Participants should wear sneakers. All other equipment is provided. 

Grades: 1 - 3
Location: Mary Rowlandson Gym
Day: Tuesday
Time: 3:30 - 4:30
Dates: 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29
Cost: $110.00

THE EXTENDED LEARNING PROGRAM'S GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! A CIRCUS OF TALENT! Dinner and Talent Expo! Don't be shy, this is your time to share your talent! You may choose to sing, dance, mesmerize us with your theater skills, or thrill us with your magic tricks! 

The stage awaits you, this night belongs to you! Whatever your talent bring it to the F
lorence Sawyer Auditorium May 11th. There will be a delicious Italian Dinner from 5:30 - 6:00 for our Bolton, Stow, and Lancaster families, friends and community members, and from 6:00 - 7:00 The Extended Learning Program's Greatest Show on Earth will take place in the famous Florence Sawyer Auditorium!

Don't miss a special performance by the Destination Imagination Global Team SWEET SENIORS! 

We will also have a fundraising jar if you would like to help the team raise money to attend the Globals in Tennessee!

   "The Sweet Seniors"

 ~FALL 2018~

Soccer Ball And Shoe.png NEW! SUPER SOCCER STARS Super Soccer Stars will be a part of the K - 3 Center School Extended Learning Program. All classes are non-competitive, using positive reinforcement to teach children soccer skills in a fun, engaging, educational environment. SUPER SOCCER STARS will work to design a tailored soccer program just for us! This is a six-week program.
Grades: K - 5
Time: 3:30 - 4:30
Location: Mary Rowlandson Sport's Field
Dates: 9/20 - 10/25
Day: Thursday
Cost: $136.00