Forensic Audit Report / MASBO Report

Forensic Audit Report / Loan and Lease Legal Opinion / MASBO Report

"FY14-16 NRSD Forensic Audit Report by John Sullivan, CFE, Melanson Heath & Co." and "Discussion of legal opinion regarding FY14-16 NRSD Forensic Audit lease and loan documents by Nan O'Neill/Kerry Jenness, Murphy, Hesse, Toomey & Lehane, LLP."

MelansonHeath Public Presentation 1-18-17

Forensic Audit Report 

Chart of Agreements-Forensic Audit 2016

Opinion on Legal Authority to Enter into Leases and Loan Agreements

Powerpoint Presentation of Legal Opinion regarding FY14-16 NRSD lease and loan documents

MASBO (Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials) Report