FSS Happenings

FSS Happenings

Wednesday, September 4, 2018

Dear Parents,

I’m happy to report that our first three days went very well.  Wednesday found us in a perpetual state of warmth with us welcoming the return of our students and otherwise due to factors beyond our control.  I am proud of the way our students and teachers managed the unusual conditions. On Wednesday, I spoke with all of our students from first through eighth grade in two separate assemblies.  I welcomed them back, thanked them for their flexibility on the first day and discussed my expectations for our year together. I spoke of working hard, staying in the struggle and owning our mistakes.  On Thursday, we had our first fire drill and I’m happy to report that Captain Farrell and the Bolton FD felt that it went very well. On Friday, Mrs. Angulo, Mr. Cote and I were able to welcome all of our kindergartners now that their classes are whole.  

I hope that, if our first week was any indication, our buses will be leaving school and arriving within a consistent window of time.  NRSD Bus Coordinator Michelle Cote has worked all summer with Dee Bus Company to smooth out routes and give the drivers the practice in navigating them.  As always, please call Dee Bus Company at (978)733-1047 with any questions.

This Thursday, we are excited to welcome our parents to the FSS Open House for Grades 5-8.  Our FSS School Council and our grades 5-8 teachers have worked with me in crafting a new approach to our Open House.  The format begins in our auditorium (Please note that food is not allowed in the Auditorium) with an overview from the school administration followed by an introduction to extracurricular activities at school.  The Specialists (PE, Music, Art, Health, Tech Ed) will then present an overview of their work with students. Following the specialists’ presentation parents will have an opportunity to tour the classrooms and drop in to meet the teachers. The schedule is linked to the left and is reprinted below.  Also, 8th grade students will be providing babysitting during the Middle School and Elementary Back to School Nights as a fundraiser for their 8th grade activities.

If you would like to utilize the babysitting

offered at back to school night, please

register your child or children using the

following link

Back to School Night Babysitting Registration

Yours in partnership,

Joel Bates,