Clubs and Activities

NRSD Extracurricular Activity Registration Form

Parents are responsible for completing and returning to the school a Student Emergency and Health Record annually, an Extracurricular Activity Registration Form each session, and, if their child has a medical condition, providing medication orders and a health care plan to the school nurse. Parents are also responsible for ensuring that their child brings/carries his/her emergency medications to all extracurricular activities, or must provide a supply to the activity advisor.

FSS Clubs and Activities Calendar

Please reference the FSS Clubs and Activities Calendar in order to see when clubs are meeting. Please note, meeting times can change, so please contact the club advisor with any questions.

2019-2020 8th Grade Mural Group
Advisor: Ms. Liz Scudiere
Grade Levels: 8
Meeting Times: Tuesdays or Wednesdays 3:05-4:45 (begins on October 8th)
Location: Art Room
Website: Mural Group

The 8th grade mural group collaborates as a team and chooses where the mural will be and the entire conception of the mural! It is a fantastic time to think creatively, learn to really work together as a team, and learn how to create a mural! Every week we start with a snack, which everyone takes turns bringing in. It is a fabulous and fun learning experience.

2019-2020 American Sign Language Club (ASL)
Advisors: Ms. Liz Scudiere & Ms. Jayne Richards
Grade Levels: K-2
Meeting Times: Thursdays after school 3:05-4:15
Location: Sawyer, Rm 243

The K-2 ASL Club will run in two, 8 week sessions. Fall sessions will run from September 26-November 21; Spring sessions will run from February 27-April 16. We are limited to 20 students per session. ASL members will learn to sign the alphabet, finger-spell words, and put together sentences.  

2019-2020 American Sign Language Club (ASL)
Advisors: Mrs. Melissa Clericuzio and Mrs. Julie Hendley
Grade Levels: 3-4
Meeting Times: October-November: Thursdays 3:05- 4:15
February-April: Thursdays 3:05-4:15
Location: TBD

The Grade 3 & 4 ASL club will run in two, 8 week sessions. Fall sessions will run from October 3- November 21; Spring sessions will run from February 27- April 16. We are limited to 20 students per session.  Grade 3 ASL members who attended last year will review and build their knowledge while newcomers will be introduced to basic signs, the manual alphabet, numbers, and everyday words.

2019-2020 Art Club
Advisor: Ms. Liz Scudiere

Grade Levels: 6-8, 5th if there is availability
Meeting Times: Tuesdays or Wednesdays after school until 4:30
Location: Art Room
Website: Art Club

Art Club is where you can invest your creativity in a chosen subject/medium, or be inspired by new media introduced through the course of the year! No grade- judgment-free zone.
**Think ceramics, textiles, paper processing, painting, drawing, textiles, mosaics, sculpture- you name it-- we will try to creatively make it happen together!** 

2019-2020 Drama Club
Advisors: Mrs. Maryann Zayka and Mrs. Linda Gothie
Grade Levels: 5-8
Meeting Times: October-December and April-May, Tuesdays 3:05-5:00
Location: Auditorium
Website: Drama Club

Fall drama encompasses a wide range of workshops for students focusing on stage presence, characterization, dancing and singing. Annual musical auditions are in December and rehearsals start January 2 and for performances, March 27 and 28. January through March, musical rehearsals take place Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3:05-5:30 with additional rehearsals as needed. April and May drama meetings focus on skits and improv to be performed at the end of the year. All meetings and rehearsals take place in the Sawyer auditorium.

2019-2020 FSTV

Advisors: Ms. Meredith Raboin and Mr. Gary Kozlowski
Grade Levels: 5-8
Meeting Times: First meeting is October 3rd! Thursdays and Fridays 7:45-8:30
Location: Sawyer Computer Lab

FSTV is a club for students in grades 5-8 who have a passion for film and broadcast journalism. Students will use green screen technology and WeVideo to broadcast school happenings on the schools website. They will learn to present news in an engaging and professional fashion and to work together as a team. 

2019-2020 Future Filmmakers Club

Advisor: Sr. Mary Coppinger-Fraser
Grade Levels: 5-8 
Meeting Times: Thursdays at 7:45, First meeting is Thursday, October 31 at 7:45 
Location: Sr. Frasers Room 207

Are you interested in any aspect of film making? Writing, filming, editing, acting..we do it all! Come join us and create some cool, short film.

2019-2020 GSA
Advisor: Mrs. Liz Miller
Grade Levels: 6-8
Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 7:30 am
Location: Mrs. Miller's Room 
Website: GSA

GSA stands for "Gay Straight Alliance." Our mission is: To work towards a more accepting community for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity
It is open to all students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades who are a part of or allies  (supporters) for the LGBTQ community.

2019-2020 Investors Club
Advisor: Mr. Michael Caliguiri
Grade Levels: 5-8
Meeting Times: Mondays 7:45-8:25
Location: Media Center

The Florence Sawyer School Stock Market Club is an investors’ club open to students in Grades 5 to 8.  We meet Monday mornings from 7:40 AM to 8:25 AM from October to May.  Club members will work in teams or as solo investors as they play The Stock Market Game.  Each team or individual investor begins the season with $100,000 dollars of game money to invest in real time with real stocks.  As the season progresses, traders research new stocks, track their investments, and adjust their positions.  Each session will begin with a financial mini-lesson about stocks and investing.  Contact the advisor, Mr. Caligiuri, if you have any questions.

2019-2020 Knitting Club
Advisor: Mrs. Linda Gothie
Grade Levels: 2-8
Meeting Times: Wednesday mornings at 7:45 am starting on October 23, 2019
Location: Emerson Building- Room 7

Students in Grades 2-8 will learn how to knit and join together to complete knitting projects.

2019-2020 Math Olympiad-Elementary
Advisors: Mrs. Karen Walsh-Fortin and Mrs. Pam Carpenter
Grade Levels: 4-6
Meeting Times: Tuesdays 7:30am-8:25 am         
Location: Mrs. Carpenter's Room

Math Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary grades 4-5 and Middle School grades 6-8 (MOEMS) is a program that provides opportunities for students to engage in creative problem solving activities which develop a student's ability to reason, to be logical, to be resourceful, and occasionally to be ingenious. Each week students will be preparing for five monthly Olympiad contests. MOEMS awards for individuals and teams will be distributed at the end of the year.

2019-2020 Math Olympiad-Middle School

Advisor: Mrs. Jane LeBlanc
Grade Levels: 7-8
Meeting Times: Wednesdays 7:30 am-8:25 am, October-March
Location: Mrs. Leblanc's Room

Math Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary grades 4-5 and Middle School grades 6-8 (MOEMS) is a program that provides opportunities for students to engage in creative problem solving activities which develop a student's ability to reason, to be logical, to be resourceful, and occasionally to be ingenious. Each week students will be preparing for five monthly Olympiad contests. MOEMS awards for individuals and teams will be distributed at the end of the year.

2019-2020 Punk Rope
Advisor: Ms. Jayne Richards
Grade Levels: 3-8
Meeting Times: Tuesday & Thursday 7:45 am
Location: FSS Gym
Website: Punk Rope

Fall Sessions run October 31-December 12; Spring Sessions run March 10-April 16 . Punk Rope is a playful cross between the fun of recess and interval training.  We jump rope and do a variety of activities such as relay races, solo and partner drills, and other activities to give the body a complete workout!!  And we do it to some great music mixing both old and new bands to keep us moving!!!

There is no cost for this program and ropes are provided.

2019-2020 Random Acts of Kindess Club (RAK)
Advisors: Ms. Jayne Richards and Ms. Liz Scudiere
Grade Levels: 3-8
Meeting Times: Wednesday mornings 7:45-8:25 starting October 2- May 20
Location: Mrs. Scudiere's Room 160

The RAK Club, led by a group of Middle School peer leaders, work together to encourage and spread random acts of kindness throughout the Florence Sawyer School. The activities done throughout the year lead to a school wide celebration during Kindness Week. Kindness Week is March 23-27.

2019-2020 Robotics Team
Advisor: Michelle Tuck
Grade Levels: Spring of 4th grade to 8th grade
Meeting Times: Wednesdays 3:05-5:30
Location: FSS Tech Ed Room
Website: Lego Robotics


FIRST Lego League is a robotics club for students in middle school.  We accept new teammates in the spring of 4th grade through seventh grade. FIRST stands for “for inspiration and recognition of science and technology.”  It is a worldwide robotics competition for elementary to high school students with 450 teams in MA. The task is to design, build and program a fully autonomous robot to complete missions in a competition. Students are also required to complete a research project on the game theme which changes every year.  The project involves innovating with an existing technology or coming up with a new idea and presenting the idea to a group. To learn more, email   New team members are welcome to join the team in mid-March at the start of our spring season, we do not accept new teammates other times of the year.  Parent involvement is required (for coaching, project work and/or fundraising, no experience necessary).

2019-2020 Running Club
Advisor: Ms. Megan Gurley
Grade Levels: 2-5
Meeting Times: 7:45-8:20
Location: Outside the gym at Sawyer

The Running Club is designed for students in Grades 3 through 5 that love to run! The club meets before school in the fall and spring for approximately 10 sessions. 

2019-2020 Select Chorus
Advisor: Mrs. Alissa Frederick
Grade Levels: 6-8
Meeting Times: Mondays/Wednesdays 7:45 - 8:30 
Location: Music Room
Website: Select Chorus

Select Chorus is open to students in 6th through 8th grade interested in singing more challenging material in a small-group setting. Students do not need to be in school day chorus to participate. All students must schedule a time to audition, and prepare audition materials ahead of time.

For more information, please visit Mrs. Frederick’s website.

2019-2020 Spanish Club 
Advisor: Mr. Michael Breslau
Grade Levels: 7
Meeting Times: Mondays 3:05-4:00
Location: Mr. Breslau’s Room

Come learn Spanish and have fun at the same time. (For 7th graders only.)

2019-2020 Student Council
Advisor: Mrs. Thea Tully
Grade Levels: 6-8
Meeting Times: Every Monday 3:05-4:00 excluding holidays and before/after school for student council sponsored events.
Location: Mrs. Tully’s Room

Welcome! Student Council is an elective body of 12-14 students representing grades sixth, seventh and eighth. Representatives work hard to listen to students and staff in order to improve the school and community. Over the years the student council has supported the Toys for Tots program, victims of natural disasters, geography bee and books for elementary students. As well, student council works on issues related to the handbook. Every year suggestions are made from the council to members of the handbook committee. The student council also runs various social events for the middle school. The October dance, March Madness, and May Barbecue dance are sponsored by the student council. If you like to help others and serve the school and community while having fun – then student council is for you! In order to earn a position on the council you need to gather signatures, campaign and write and read your speech. Information is available from homeroom teacher. Please follow the requirements to participate carefully.

2019-2020 Writing Club
Advisor: Mrs. Kate Laird
Grade Levels: 5-8
Meeting Times: Fridays 7:45-8:25
Location: Sawyer Room 242

We will have a writing warm up and then students are free to write about whatever they wish, getting support and suggestions as needed. Also a time to work on assignments if they need writing support.

2019-2020 Yearbook Club
Advisors: Mrs. Cassie Sprague and Mrs. Kristen Riley
Grade Levels: 7-8
Meeting Times: Tuesdays 3:05-4:00, October-May
Location: Sawyer Computer Lab

The yearbook club designs and makes editorial decisions regarding the Florence Sawyer yearbook. Students in the club work with the school's photography company and with an online platform to build the yearbook digitally in preparation for sending it to the printer. Yearbook club members are tasked with taking candid and sports photographs, advertising and sales, and copy writing and editing.