Nashoba Regional School Committee Goals 

2023-2024 Goals

 The Nashoba Regional School Committee will:

 Increase accessibility to, and visibility of the development of the FY25 district budget and budget book.

Continue to review and revise policies to ensure that they are up-to-date with Massachusetts General Law and Department of Education goals and standards, and representative of the Nashoba communities and our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

 Update and edit the school committee manual to serve as the primary resource for new member orientation materials.

Engage all members in the superintendent goal development process so that there is full participation from the committee in the mid-cycle and summative evaluation.

Articulate, through a formal statement, the School Committee's commitment to honoring our community's diversity and creating policy that promotes equity and inclusion in order to enhance belonging for all.

Revise and execute a new 3-year contract with Unit C employees.

Arrange for the annual financial audit of NRSD financial records in compliance with the NRSD regional agreement.

NRSC Voted 10/11/23