Welcome to the Florence Sawyer School

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PictureFlorence Sawyer celebrating her 83rd birthday
Florence Sawyer has been a critical person in the history of both the Bolton Historical Society and the town of Bolton. Mrs. Sawyer was a charter member of the Bolton Historical Society and in 1970 she gifted her house to the society to use as a historical museum. An interesting twist of this gift was that Mrs. Sawyer was still living in her house at that time! Mrs. Sawyer confined herself to three rooms of the house while the Bolton Historical Society worked to restore the rest of house to use as a Museum. When Mrs. Sawyer died in 1973 at the age of 89, the Bolton Historical Society assumed control of the entire house and dubbed it the "Sawyer House".

Mrs. Sawyer was a prominent and beloved figure in Bolton and was affectionately nicknamed "Bolton's First Lady" by her many friends and students. Mrs. Sawyer dedicated her life to the children of Bolton despite being unable to have children herself. She was a leader in the Local 4-H club for over twenty years where she taught classes on handicrafts, sewing, and dance. Her most popular class was a Friday night dance class at the town hall where she taught eager students Ballroom and Square dancing. In addition to her work with 4-H, Mrs. Sawyer was also involved with the Emerson School where she would assist the school nurse in times of need. In 1967, she donated 16 acres of land to the Town of Bolton to be used for the expansion of Emerson School grounds. In gratitude for this gift, when the town expanded Emerson School to a second building in 1996, they named the new building Florence Sawyer School in her honor.