Vision and Mission Statement


Nashoba Regional School District engages educators, students, families, and community members to ...

foster and sustain educational services that support, enrich, and extend our curriculum for all students;

use indicators of student growth that shows achievement and potential for instructional planning;

maintain and improve the necessary space, materials, and technology necessary for a quality education; and

communicate and demonstrate our progress toward our goals.


The mission of the Nashoba Regional School District is to educate all students to their fullest potential.

Core Values

We value excellence through . . .

Achievement and growth of all students through high quality and coherent practices.

Active environments in which students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected. Digital learning, communication, and collaboration.

Family and Community Engagement.

Safe and healthy environments.

Shared responsibility for all learners, student and adult.

Core Beliefs

We believe education is a shared responsibility among students, schools, families, and the community.

All students can learn.

All students have abilities and talents.

All students need to have their voices heard.

Families play an active role in education.

Family input is valuable and necessary.

Families are a resource.

Our educators are highly motivated, highly qualified, and deeply committed.

Our educators need time for collaboration, planning, and professional development.

Our educators are an integral part of the leadership of our schools.

Our communities expect, value, and support excellence.

Our community input is valuable and necessary.

Our communities are resources.